2013 in review

2013 was in many ways similar to 2012 in terms of Drupal work. My school/freelance schedule prevents me from getting much done in contrib and core and although I miss being more involved I am overcommitted already.

Portland Weekly Drupal Code Sprints

While it was mentioned at November PDXDUG meeting, posted on groups.drupal.org and on IRC (#drupal-pdx), it seems not everyone is aware of this new regular meetup, so here it goes.

A/B testing options for Drupal 7 sites

A lot of people confuse A/B testing with split URL testing, so here's the definition I followed to find possible options for Drupal 7:

2-legged OAuth with Services 3.x

There isn't much documentation available how to test API calls once you have set up a service using Services 3.x on Drupal 7. Here's some code I used to verify the requests were properly constructed and signed.

DrupalCon Portland 2013

It's a bit bizarre when DrupalCon is in your home town. It's even more unsettling when it's combined with Symfony and Webvisions taking place at the same time. For a week, there was a good chance one could run into a fellow drupaller at any random streetcorner.