Displaying user's first and last name in Open Atrium email messages

By default the most out of the box Open Atrium provides is username token for email messages.
Not sufficient if you plan to use OA in a professional environment. Also username is shown in listings instead of user's full name while it really ought to be users full name. 

Customize required fields markup in D7

Because sometimes asterisk is not good enough to distinguish a required field from others - or you want it to look custom.
theme_form_required_marker() was added in D7.

Drupal on Rackspace as Cloud Site

  1. Increase memory limit (Rackspace provides 32 MB by default). I use the following at the top of my .htaccess files:

    # Overridden PHP settings:
    php_value memory_limit 128M
    php_value max_execution_time 60

Developers are people too

One of the things I am really going to miss after 3.5 years at One Economy is the folks in the web team. People who think like you do, consume as much sugar/caffeine and manage to have a full life while sometimes working into weekends - rare kind of folk.